Have you Met my Friends?

I had a very hard week. I was frustrated with everything. With school, with the girls, with my house, with my life, with myself, with the cat. Seriously, it was a bad week. I go along and everything is fine and then I realize that I’ve been mad for like the last two weeks. And irritated. Mad and Irritated are not friends you want to invite home to meet the family.

And all this madness and irritation even though I’d been having a daily meeting with Jesus, as we’d been tasked last week at church. That’s my February challenge and it works out just fine since I’m reading my dad’s Bible in a Year. So what’s with all the madness and irriation?

It’s stress. Stress about everything. The economy, the kids’ getting into this charter school, Shelby starting high school and if she got into the one she wanted with the IB program, my school and my inability to pass a speed test, my job and how bad I need one, etc., etc., etc.

I’m really trying not to be a whiner, but I’m also exhausted. I have one more call to edit and then I’m going to bed. I’m off work tomorrow and we’re going hiking. I’m so excited I can’t stand it!! Mad and Irritated will have to stay home because they’re not invited.


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  1. meandmom

    Oh I just hate it when Mad and Irritated think they can tag along! I can so appreciate how this week was for you. I get so weary sometimes of being everyone’s do all, end all. Then, when the Ex does what he does to make matters worse, it’s all I can do to muster a smile, even for the girls.

    I’m wishing you a relaxing weekend and hoping you can let Jesus take care of Stress, Mad, and Irritated. ūüôā

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