A Sad Day in our House

Nothing serious, just really sad for me but thrilling for everyone else. 

We have a four bedroom bi-level and when we first moved in there was a monster contraption in one of the upstairs bedrooms that was two bunk beds suspended from the ceiling with desks under them.  My kids loved them and were fighting over who got that room.  Then the following summer they were tired of climbing up the ladders and wanted regular bunk beds.  My friend Anna was a saint and came over and helped me take that monster down and build regular bunk beds.  So I had two kids in one room and one in the other, me downstairs (alone!), and a beautiful sewing room. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

They informed me a few weeks ago that they don’t want to share a room anymore.  Then the plotting and planning began.  Shelby wanted the bigger room upstairs and Kasey would move into her room and Lindsey would get the sewing room because it’s a smaller room.  “But, wait”, I said, “I use that sewing room.  You’re never going to get my sewing room.”  Then I said, “Can’t you just wait until Shelby goes to college in four and a half years?”  And then I started freaking out that Shelby goes to college in 4.5 years and they must have caught me when I was catatonic because I agreed to this huge shift. 

Let me say that I have a wonderful office because I work from home.  It would be more wonderful if it weren’t completely cluttered with things I never throw away, but it has a lot of potential.  And since I haven’t figured out a way to make any real money on my embroidery, it appeared that the room was going to waste.  So I’ve moved my sewing into my office and my next project is going to be organizing my office so I don’t hate being in here. 

I guess I was more upset because someone has always shared a room.  Not always because they needed to since our first house when it was two bedroom with three kids, but they’ve always really liked sharing a room and I don’t like that they are so independent and want their own things now.  I want to keep them little.  If it were up to me I’d still have Lindsey in a crib so she can’t sneak into my room at night.  I guess it makes the most sense that she’s downstairs with me now.  Hopefully just hearing me breathe across the hall will be enough to keep  her in her own bed although she says she’s pulled in by my electric blanket. 

Good-bye, sewing room with all of your potential.  Hello, cluttered office, I can’t even stand to look at you right now.  And welcome to my new neighbor, Lindsey, I’m not sharing my bathroom with you.



  1. meandmom

    Yikes! That sounds like a project! If I could, I would come over and help you de-clutter. I’m an excellent purger….my skills were honed because we moved about every three years when I was growing up….it gets hard to cart around so much stuff.

    I agree with your warning to Lindsey….never give up your bathroom! 🙂 We need to have at least one little corner that’s all ours, right?

  2. Cindi

    How long until they miss each other and want to switch back? I had to laugh about the bathroom comment, I don’t even want to share mine with Chris. It shrinks a little every day, (sigh).


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