Some Sunshine on a Very Snowy Day

 I’m depressing.  I’ve read back over my posts and no wonder I have 4 people that read my blog (and I’m related to all of them).  I have a cute story for you this time.

I was bringing Lindsey, my youngest, home from dance one afternoon and we were listening to KLOVE, which we always do.  We were just kind of talking about our days and she was telling me about dance when a song came on that was talking about the day Jesus died.  It talked about all the people standing around and no one doing anything.  I can’t remember the song, but that was the idea. 

Then this exchange took place.

Lindsey:  I’m really mad.

Me:  What’s wrong, honey?

Lindsey:  When Jesus died nobody helped him, they all just stood around.  I would have helped him.

Me:  Well, if you would have helped then you would have been killed too.

Lindsey:  That would have been awesome to die with Jesus!

Every now and then I think I’m doing something right.



  1. Cindi

    Aaaawwwww little Lindsey – that’s awesome!

  2. meandmom


    !. I don’t think you are depressing at all! I think you’re great!
    2. I can’t remember where I found your blog, but….yea!!!!
    3. I can’t believe how much you’re accomplishing right now…you rock!
    4 I can’t wait to wander through the coming year with you on your blog….this blogosphere needs more single moms! 😉

    You were my sunshine today….I smiled while reading all your posts…see you around the blog!

  3. Aunt Judy

    Christy I think your a great Mom, nobody said it was going to be easy. You hang in there and continue loving and guiding those 3 sweet girls.

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