Things I’ve Realized

1.  I’m never going to get a date with these thighs.  Operation Get Moving needs to step into high gear if I’m ever going to get a date again.  Not that I’m all that concerned with getting a date since I have three girls and won’t be dating for another 9 years anyway, I  just would like to think that will be an option at some point.  It’s always been my theory that my soulmate died in a fire, not that I know anyone who’s died in a fire, but that’s the point.

2.  I say no all the time, too much really.  I say no to all new situations.  I have social anxiety and would rather stay home than put myself in a new situation.  I’m certainly never going to get a date like that.  So in ’09 I’m going to say “yes” more.  When my first inclination is to say no, I’m going to say yes.  I haven’t seen the movie, but it seems like a good premise of how to live your life as long as you don’t go over board with all the yeses.  Case in point is tonight when I’m going out with some people I work with when normally I would beg off and stay home.

3.  I am not happy at all, whatsoever.  I do have moments of happiness like when I beat Super Mario in the last castle on my DS and can save the game anywhere I want.  (this may also explain the datelessness that is my life, maybe it’s not just my thighs)

4.  I’ve turned into kind of an instant gratification girl and I go from one thing to the next, to the next and I keep looking for the next new thing that’s going to make me feel better.  I’ve never been that, or have I always and just realized?

5.  I hate that I’m a procrastinator.  I hate that more than anything in the world, and I’ve come by it honestly, but I need to change now (or later, ha).

6.  I don’t know why I still live here.  I heard on the radio yesterday that my city is like the second worst city for literacy.  Great!  Why do I still live here?  I mean I know why I live in the house I do, that was a blessing, but once I finish school where do I want to go?  Again, 9 years and I’m out of here!  That’s when my youngest graduates, it certainly won’t take me that long.

I have more, but I’m going out!


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