My Family Newsletter

Time for the yearly  newsletter that I never compose or send.  I actually think they’re pretty funny and can be pompous, but I’m not judging.  It takes all I have to take the picture and send the card, good luck getting an actual newsletter.

2008 Sucked.  That would be the title of my newsletter.  I can not get out of this year fast enough.  I have seen more death in 2008 than I care to.  Almost everyone I know has been affected by some kind of cancer or death this year.   I personally lost my dad in June and it was a devastating blow to me and my kids.  My oldest is still crying about it.  This isn’t the fun, light-hearted stuff you put in a yearly newsletter.

Here’s what’s good:  We are healthy; we have a roof over our head and food on our table, which we thank God for every day; I still have my job(s); my kids are happy and doing well in school, but they won’t stop bickering, which drives me crazy; Shelby and Lindsey are still dancing and Kasey loves volleyball; I have great friends and family in my life and a great church; I successfully finished my first full year in school and have about a year and a half left.

I can’t stretch all that in a newsletter, but you now have the high points and the picture.

Christmas 2008


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