It’s Hard to be a Girl

Do you know how many times I start a sentence with “So”?  I’m very aware of it.

So I was talking to my daughter, and her friend was upset that her boyfriend had broken up with her.  She was crying to my daughter about it.  Come to find out she had met her “boyfriend” online in a chatroom via webcam where a bunch of “kids” go on and meet each other and can see what everyone is doing.  I’ll pause for you to yell “OH MY GOSH” because that’s exactly what I did when I found out.  Then come to find out it’s that JustinTV where the guy killed himself and everyone watched.  Anyway, supposedly her “ex-BF” lived in England and they had been “going out” for a few weeks, but he got grounded and had to break up with her.  Oh, and did I mention that she’s 13?

So let me preface all of this by saying that my daughter is very immature, in a good way.  She hasn’t had a boyfriend, she’s not all that interested in boys, and our family motto is “keep your eye on the prize”.  The ‘prize’ being an education.  Now, wish me luck with my youngest one because she’s boy crazy beyond belief and is already driving me crazy.  Sunshine also has a friend that can’t go without a boyfriend and that girl is a life lesson for us because there’s no one at 13 or any age for that matter that needs a boyfriend every day of her life and cries when she doesn’t have one.

I keep trying to tell my girls and they’re not going to meet the person they’re going to spend the rest of their life with in grade school, not in middle school, not in high school, maybe in college.  Keep your eye on the prize.  Get a good education, be involved in activities, finish college, start a career and then focus on having a family.  I’m not saying they can’t have boyfriends along the way, I’m just trying to stress that a boyfriend isn’t a neccessity.  They don’t need a boyfriend to complete them, which is unfortunately not what some of Sunshine’s friends think.

So (again with the “so”) here’s what I want to know:  where are these girls’ parents? Sunshine can’t keep secrets, her stomach hurts when she lies or when she has to tell me something.  Unfortunately this isn’t the case with all of my children.  For instance, when Moonshine went three months without doing her homework and I found out when she had a classmate sleep over.  But I digress.  So Sunshine tells me everything and in turn I try not to flip out when I hear stuff like about the webcam girl because I don’t want her to be afraid to tell me.

But can I just say how hard it is not to flip out and start yelling about what an idiot her friend is and does she know how dangerous that is and if she ever did that she’d never see a computer or the outside of her room again!!

I waited a day and asked Sunshine, calmly, how she felt about her friend “meeting” someone that way, and she said she would never do that and I asked her if she knew how dangerous that was, and she said she did.  And then I prayed and I thanked God for such a great girl and prayed for Him to please help me raise her and her sisters in the right way, and for His guidance.

Then I said to Lindsey, “You know, Tenderheart, you don’t need a boyfriend”, and she said, “I know, I just really want one.”  Ugh, she’s 8.


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  1. carikelley

    LOL and OMG and all of those other things that kids say!
    Shelby is a smart girl with a good head on her shoulders–you should be so proud! It’s cool that she can tell you stuff!
    and at Lindsey is open and honest about what she wants–that’s going to be your saving grace with that one!
    Kasey…yeah, let’s pray for her. I understand b/c Cory has the same problem with “leaving out” critical information. 🙂 ugh…

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