Sliding Doors and a Little Late Night Digression

I said previously that I hadn’t met a movie I didn’t like.  I was thinking about the movie “Sliding Doors” tonight and then couldn’t go back to sleep.  Maybe it was because Lindsey came in and started kicking my perfectly warm electric blanket off, catching me in the cross-fire; maybe it was because I hadn’t finished my medical project due tomorrow/today; or maybe it was the giant Diet Coke I had during school.  To save money I stopped buying Diet Coke at  home, but when you pass Sonic during happy hour, it’s a rule that you have to drive in and get one, and it’s half price so you can’t go wrong.  But I digress…

So “Sliding Doors” with Gwenyth Paltrow I thought had a great premise.  It was a “what if” movie and I love that because my whole life is full of “what ifs” .  In one version of her life where she caught the train she makes it home early to find her husband cheating and her life goes from there and she has a cute short hair do.  In the other version she misses the train, thus not catching her husband cheating, and her life continues from there.  As a girl who has had a husband cheat many times, I loved the idea that if you left a few minutes early all your questions would be answered.

Side note:  I have the Day Family head and low neckline so I can’t wear a cute short haircut like GP had in the first version of her life without having to shave my neck (tmi?). I wish I could, it was adorable, but mine ends up looking like a mullet because you can’t cut too high up on the neck.  I need a haircut.

The first “sliding door” moment I think about the most is what if in 1989 I would have gone to Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado as planned?  You can suspend reality for a moment and forget the kids and the fact that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in life as a slow learner, but sometimes I wonder where I would be now if I would have gone instead of opting for moving out of the house and then dropping out of community college shortly after.  What did I think?  Why didn’t I see more into the future and figure out a plan before I thought some guy with an 8th grade education was going to take care of me?  Another bad decision made in the Fall.

I know I’m on God’s time, but I wish I wasn’t on the slow learner’s schedule.  

I wonder  how many bloggers think they could be writers or actually are writers.  I don’t think I could write a novel, but I’d love to write for Television Without Pity, my own personal indulgence.  I think I could write a snarky recap of my favorite television show.  But here I am and I’m back to school and Kasey is going with me today to be my medical project, which is now complete.


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