It’s Scary Movie Saturday

So it’s Saturday night and we have scary movie night on Saturdays and then watch a cute/funny movie “to get the yucky out”.  I’m not much for sensoring a lot and everything in our house is a life lesson.  You know, like “we don’t say that”, “we don’t do that”, etc.  Now I do draw the line at rated R, obviously, but we do enjoy a good scary movie.

Back to my post.  So we’re watching Tinkerbell and at the beginning she has to find her “talent” and the queen comes in and shows her choices of talents and whichever one responds to her is her talent, or her job.  I wish life was so easy.  Like you’re born and you’re set up in the round with everything you can do and your talent chooses you.  Now I know God gives you gifts, but I haven’t found mine yet.  I know a million things I’m not good at, but haven’t really found anything that I’m really good at. 

I need to find my gift, and I’m not talking about Christmas. 

Wait, so here’s Tinkerbell’s problem:  she found her talent but she doesn’t like it.  She’s trying to go against it, fighting her natural talent that selected her and finding something else she can do even if it’s not what she was meant to do.  Wow, when did Disney get so deep?  So is the lesson that you need to be happy with the talent you have, or keep looking until you’ve exhausted everything and then settle for the talent you’re given?  Oh my gosh, it’s too much for my brain to handle tonight, but at least the yucky’s out.


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