My Mad Parenting Skillz

And not “mad” like angry, “mad” like awesome, but not so much. 

When you start hearing yourself come out of your children, it’s very telling about what kind of mother you are.  Sometimes it’s good like “we don’t lie” and sometimes it’s not so good, unfortunately.  It’s most obvious when they’re playing together and they don’t think you can hear them. 

I have control issues.  I was raised by a controlling mother, who was raised by a controlling mother, who was raised by a bunch of older sisters.  That couldn’t have been fun.  I think with every generation the control lessens a little, but now we’re to me and my parenting skills. 

So yesterday Kasey was making pancakes and I was Skyping my sister when Kasey came to tell me that she’d done the pancakes and now it was my turn to come in and “fix them like you always do”.  Ouch!  That was painful.

In my defense, I don’t always “fix” her pancakes, she just makes them a little thick and I add some milk to make them thinner.  What should I do?  Should I have her just make two thick pancakes and then go in and make more for everyone else?  I don’t know how to help them make their own mistakes and learn from them, I want to protect them from everything.  I know we’re just talking about pancakes right now, but I’m sure it goes into other aspects of their lives too and I don’t know how to stop it.  When do you help and when do you let go? 

Parenting is hard.


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