With One Month Left to Spare…

What does an oversharer do when there’s no one to share with?  Cry in a river of self-pity for about five minutes and then pull yourself together.  I finished my Christmas shopping for my kids including stocking stuffers.  It’s never been done this early and there’s never been a Christmas where I haven’t been at the store on Christmas Eve “finishing up”.  But not this year, I’m completely done for them.  The topper was the dollar spot at Target where they have the cutest things this year for girls.  They’re like lotions and body scrubs and pedicure sets and they’re all different colors and fragrances and all matching.  So there are four different colors and I have three girls so you can do the math.  ADORABLE!  It was so neat and I was able to fill their stockings for $18 total.  They’re going to love it.  But who can I tell?  It’s 10:00 pm on a Monday night.  Normally you would call your husband so excited that you’d finished shopping for the kids, but I got no one.  Sometimes the loneliness comes over me like a wave and I let it overtake me for just a little while, stew in it if you will.  I can see, though, how people can get lost and drown in it.  I have to go in with a life jacket or I’d take to my bed for days.  No time for that, I have kids to take care of.  I almost called my monkey to share in my excitement, but that wouldn’t have done anyone any good and then I would have been mad at myself that I called him.  So here I am bursting at the seams with excitement and wanting to tell someone so bad that I found the last set of Rock Band drums for Wii in town.   There you have it!



  1. carikelley

    You’re right, this blogging thing can be very therapeutic.

    I love it for that reason. and I’m jealous that you’ve started and finished your shopping for the girls!


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