Let me tell you about Miller Farms….

End of the Day Picture
End of the Day Picture

So imagine this:  a caravan of three cars, four adults and seven children at 9:00 am on a Sunday morning going for a day of fun at Miller Farms.  It’s a free weekend and they boast a petting zoo, a bouncy castle, a big slide, a corn maze, a hay ride, and 10 – 10 lb bags of free food that you can pick yourself.  We knew ahead of time that there was probably not going to be food by Sunday, but we were going for the rest of the fun stuff advertised, and did I tell you it was free.  I don’t enjoy crowds as I’m claustrophobic, but this sounded like a good time, and I would brave the crowds for everyone’s enjoyment. 

So, three cars, four adults and seven children (ages 1 yr old twins to 13 yrs) pile in and away we go.  There’s a note on their website that says there’s no food left, but come on out, we’re still open.  It’s farther than I thought, but I’m excited about how much fun we’re going to have once we get there.  We take our exit, go five miles east and turn where it says “Miller Farm”.  The sign says “Sold Out Open Today”, but I think it’s odd that I don’t see a lot of cars.  Heather was leading the caravan so she turns in and asks the girl in pajama pants where to park, to which pajama pants says they’re closed.  What?  The website said “slim pickins”.  She said “that’s the website, this is live”.  Ugh.  My cousin’s twins are anxious to get out of the car so we converge on a gas station where she tells us that 12 more miles down the road is a duck pond with giant fish that you can feed.  Wanting to salvage the day, we make our way.

It’s nothing like I imagined as it’s a fenced in cement pond next to a giant cowboy statue in someone’s back yard with a feeding station where you can buy food for a quarter or fifty cents.  By now it’s windy and freezing so we stay there about 15 minutes and then get in the car to eat.  Good bye, Miller Farms, forever as I’m sure we’ll never make our way that way again.  I get home and the website still says “If you come on Sunday there’s slim pickins”.  Slim was an understatement.  Disappointing was more accurate.


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