Grey’s Anatomy has Officially Jumped the Shark

I remember the episode, Fonzie was water skiing and along came a shark.  Happy Days was on primetime then, yes, I’m that old.  And even though I was young, I knew how ridiculous it was.  I have watched Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning and have loved everything about it from the McNicknames to McDreamy’s gorgeous hair.  I’ve loved that scrawny guy since Can’t Buy Me Love and Loverboy and was so glad he was on something that I liked watching. 

Enough about what I like.  Every season it just gets more and more trashy, and now that they’ve brought a dead man back I’m done.  Am I watching Days of Our Lives, or a night time drama?  A dead man.  He died two seasons ago and I cried and cried when Alex carried Izzy off Denny’s bed after he died.  So how EXACTLY is Denny in Izzy’s bed?  Is it a brain tumor as rumored?  That’s what I’m voting for and then she’ll be gone along with this ridiculous story line.  I can suspend disbelief with the best of them, but enough is enough.  Why do all the shows have to get more trashy, violent, sex-filled, and stupid in order to stay on the air?


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