Facts I Know About Me

I overshare.  I’m an oversharer.  I can’t help it, I’m an open book and don’t understand why everyone isn’t.  I also tell my stories more than once, a trait that I’ve unfortunately passed on to Kasey.   Not only that, but I talk too much in general, another trait passed on to all three of them.  No one can get a word in at my house.  Kasey was always my quiet one, quietly suffering with middle child syndrome, but get her alone and you can’t get her to stop talking.

I know a little bit about a lot of things, just enough to make me dangerous in a trivia(l) contest or just spouting off obscure references.  This was passed on to me from my dad, and really serves no purpose.  Movie references are my favorite.

I’m sometimes too much.  I get excited, not a crime.  Oh and I’m loud which only served me well in 6th grade when I was in the school play, not so much anywhere else.

I’m a recycling nazi.  It’s embarrassing how much plastic we use that used to just fill up a landfill.  When I see our 4 to 5 bins of recycling every week it’s embarrassing how much I used to throw away.  I’ve also been known to take bottles out of trash cans at people’s desk and ask them if I can recycle them.  Seriously?  Who doesn’t recycle?  The bin is in the breakroom people, get off your butt and walk it over.

I remember everything.  Not always a good thing when you’re trying to deal with things like forgiveness, but good when my sister’s trying to remember the names of the three puppies our dog had when we were little.

I miss my dad.  Even though I sat in his memorial service listening to the eulogies and thinking, “That guy sounds great, I wonder who they’re talking about”, and feeling like I didn’t really know him at all, I still miss him so much.

I watch too much TV.  A study came out a few weeks ago that said too much TV-watching was a sign of depression.  No kidding.  I could have told them that a long time ago.  I get too involved, I need a life.

I’m now addicted to FitDay.com.  Thanks, cuz!

I can’t hold a grudge or stay mad for long.  I wish I could but it’s too much energy wasted.  I’m also incredibly non-confrontational, oh, and snarky.  Not always good things.  I’m almost never serious, and sometimes I get bored hearing myself say anything so I figure everyone else is bored with me too.

I talk to my mom almost every day.  If we go more than two days then something’s wrong.  I can’t stand to be guilted, I lived with that for too much of my life and I refuse to guilt my children into doing anything they don’t want to do.

I’m three years in to living my life with Jesus.  We’re still in the honeymoon phase, and I’ll admit that I don’t always understand what I’m supposed to do.  I sometimes forget to pray.  My dad gave me his bible in a year last year and I only made it to April, but I’m going to try again in 2009.  I have issues with control even though I’m trying to come to grips with the fact that I’m not really in control of anything.  It’s hard to give that up, but I know it’s all an illusion.


1 Comment

  1. carikelley

    none of this surprises me, and I love you just the way you are!

    and, you’re welcome 🙂

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