Why Does No One Understand the List?

So I work all day and then I go to school and I needed help.  My house was turning into a pit and I have three kids who are old enough to clean up around the house.  Wait, let me change that, I don’t want you to pick up after me, I’m only asking that you pick up after YOU.

I decide to make a list.  It’s not rocket science, it’s a list of chores and every chore is worth an amount of money.  You sign up for what you want to do every day and at the end of the week depending on how many points you’ve earned then that’s your allowance.  I even opened them an account at the Young Americans Bank and take them every two weeks to put in their money. 

Side note:  There are some things that you do that are not worth points, you do them for the “privilege” of living here.  They include putting your clothes away and cleaning your room.  I’m not paying you to put your clothes away and clean your room because it helps you know where your stuff is.  The mothers that have time during the day to do all this for their kids can disagree, but I had to draw a line.

Anywho….so the list is perfect, and it works for about 2 months.  And it’s like unload and reload the dishwasher-2 points, take out the trash-1 point, take out recycling-1point, clean the litter box (or the cat goes)-1 point, feed and water the dogs x2-2 points, etc.    I have three kids, come on.

So the list works perfectly, like I said, until the end of last week when I notice that they are starting to sign up for things and not doing them.  Like I get home and see Reload-Shelby and I go in to a sink full of dishes, or I see Trash-Kasey and there it is, overflowing in the kitchen.  Again, not rocket science.  It’s so incredibly frustrating because I need help.  I need serious help, I can’t do it all. I’m sorry, I wish I could, but I can’t do it all.  I have two jobs, an embroidery business, and I go to school.  I wish I was Wonder Woman, but I’m not, I’m a mere mortal that needs help from three very abled body children that only need to pick up after themselves. 

Last night was the last straw, I came home and not only was the dishwasher not  unloaded (as signed up for), but there was a candy wrapper on the floor, one on one counter and one on the other counter.  So the leftover Halloween candy was sent to the trash.  Then, the clothes weren’t put away and Kasey and Lindsey’s room was not picked up.  Not only was it not picked up, you couldn’t see the floor for the dirty clothes.  Now, I had been mad about this room for three days and told them to pick it up, but they go to their dad’s two days a week and hadn’t had time.  Yesterday they had plenty of time, but they were messing around and hadn’t done it.  What do I do?  Do I leave them with nothing but a bed and a blanket?  It’s so irritating and I need help.


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