Here I Go

I could be anyone from anywhere, but sometimes I feel like no one from nowhere.  When I was little I used to think if I could just move away from where I was that things would be better.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.   You are who you are no matter where you live.  Wow, that’s deep.

I’m fascinated by other people’s blogs, how they put themselves out there and it seems so freeing in some way to send out your thoughts and have other people read them, or not read them.  So here’s my contribution to blogsville, just another car on the clogged up road.

I am actually someone from somewhere and I work almost full time and I go to school.  I’ve been divorced a year and a half after 14 years of marriage to a pathological liar, and the best and only things I got out of it were three wonderful girls.  

So here’s my life and how I deal, although most of the time I don’t know how I get through from one day to the next.  I long to be one of those put together ladies who appear to have it all together.  You know the ones that are never late, their kids are perfect, they always appear to be in control of their lives.  I’m certainly not perfect and have recently found that I’m really not in control of anything.


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  1. carikelley

    “just another car on the clogged up road” I love that–good word picture… and I love word pictures! Drive on, sista!

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